Welcome to ‘Florida Paved Trails’, formerly ‘Trail View Mount’. With a new name comes a better way to identify what this website is about. Here you’ll find lots of detailed information, photos, and videos on where you can enjoy bicycling on paved trails throughout the state. I’m someone who discovered paved trails/multiuse paths by accident, and quickly fell in love with biking (and shortly afterwards I started documenting) locations all over Florida. So promoting this fantastic activity is a very big passion for me.

Paved trails are all over the United States. Sometimes they are called multiuse paths (MUP). These trails allow people to bicycle, walk, skate, and run to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in both urban and rural settings. And trails are in various lengths. But how did paved trails come about? Rail-trails (abandoned railroad corridors converted to paved trails) were the first paved trails. The first successful “rail-to-trail” conversion in the United States that inspired a national rail-to-trail movement in the country has been documented in the mid-1960s. Also in 1998 Florida created the Office of Greenways and Trails, a division of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Recreation and Parks. Also the OGT oversees the Recreational Trails Program, a federally funded grant program that provides financial assistance to local communities for the development of trails. Since the inception the RTP, it has assisted 42 counties and communities to establish and expand trails. And remember, as taxpayers, we all pay for these projects.

The nice thing about Florida is all the trails are paved. That definitely makes biking a lot more enjoyable. Many states do not pave all their trails. Many trails consist of crushed stone, dirt, grass, gravel, and cinder. The Florida Environmental Protection Agency is responsible and oversees all the agencies that help do planning, construction, and maintaining state trails. The Florida Greenways and Trails is responsible for community assistance, trail acquisition and development funding, and public outreach to expand the statewide system of greenways and trails. They also manage a statewide system of eight multi-use trails for recreation, conservation, and alternative transportation. And The Florida State Parks Service is also responsible for helping maintain state trails. These agencies do a fantastic job in making Florida State Trails some of the best in America. Makes me glad and appreciate that I live in Florida.

Important Alert: If you are new to biking on paved trails, be aware that not all trails go through safe areas. Please do a little research beforehand. Google to find info before your visit. Other good resources are peoples blogs over regular websites. Also if you are a member on photo sites (I’m on Flickr) ask questions to people who are posting photos of specific trails. I also get lots of info on bicycle forums and YouTube videos. Taking the time to plan should make your excursions more enjoyable, relaxing, and safer. Good luck.

Having detailed information and taking the time to plan trips to Florida Paved Trails, will help make your excursions easier and more enjoyable. Please be aware many trailheads (parking areas) can be difficult to locate. I found this out on my first excursion out of town. It was by accident that I located where I needed to be to start my ride. Another trick I use is Google maps. By pulling in tight on addresses of trailheads, you can easily follow where the trails go. County Parks and Florida State Parks almost always have access points. Plus parking at these locations are safer than remote trailhead areas.

A fantastic visit to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail on 9-8-11. Here I am at the overpass bridge in Citrus ParkIn mid 2011 I developed a simple bicycle handlebar mount that a camera/camcorder can be easily attached to document my excursions on paved trails. It’s called the Trail View Mount. And it has worked well with all my excursions. Easy to install, it’s a simple and affordable product. All the videos on this website use this mount. The Trail View Mount is great for all type riders, but probably geared toward family, recreation, and paved trail riders. Also think of the added security feature this product can bring to people who ride in remote places. That’s real peace of mind. Don’t let your biking adventures stop. Relive them over and over, year after year, with the help of the Trail View Mount. It is available on the ‘buy products’ link. Don’t let your adventures and memories fade away after they are over.

Thank you for visiting Florida Paved Trails Dot Com. I hope you find this website helpful and informative. More trails, photos, and reviews are always being added, so hopefully you can register here or add to your favorites. I hope everyone is able to visit lots of Florida Paved Trails this year. Stay safe out there and enjoy.

About Charles Rinehart

I'm a 58 year old photographer, videographer, and super small entrepreneur in Sarasota Florida. I quickly realized in early 2011 I really love bicycling on Florida Paved Trails, so I started documenting these excursions which led to developing this website. I also promote this activity on many other places with my photos and videos mainly Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube. I'm also the creator/designer of the Trail View Mount, a simple bicycle handlebar assembly that allows a camera/camcorder to be easily attached. Documenting excursions and creating memories is what the Trail View Mount is about. I continually update here as often as possible, so add this site to your favorites to stay informed. Or better yet, please connect with me on Facebook. Hope you can tell your friends about the 'Florida Paved Trails' website. Thank you for stopping by here.
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