Update: The new Withlacoochee State Trail extension in Dunnellon Florida is open and it’s beautiful. It far exceeded my expectations. My visit was on 4-11-14. An incredible addition here for sure. The trailhead (which was unmarked) is on Highway 39, which is directly across from a Sunoco Gas Station (11520 North Florida Avenue) on Highway 41. Don’t miss visiting here soon.

Welcome to ‘Florida Paved Trails’, formerly ‘Trail View Mount’. With a new name comes a better way to identify what this website is about. Providing lots of information, photos, and videos on how you can enjoy this great activity is what is here. I’m someone who discovered paved trails/multiuse paths by accident, and quickly fell in love with visiting and biking the pavement all over Florida. So promoting this fantastic activity is a very big passion for me.

Paved trails are all over the United States. Sometimes they are called multiuse paths (MUP). These trails allow people to bicycle, walk, skate, and run to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in both urban and rural settings. And trails are in various lengths. But how did paved trails come about? Rail-trails (abandoned railroad corridors converted to paved trails) were the first paved trails. The first successful “rail-to-trail” conversion in the United States that inspired a national rail-to-trail movement in the country has been documented in the mid-1960s. Also in 1998 Florida created the Office of Greenways and Trails, a division of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Recreation and Parks. Also the OGT oversees the Recreational Trails Program, a federally funded grant program that provides financial assistance to local communities for the development of trails. Since the inception the RTP, it has assisted 42 counties and communities to establish and expand trails. And remember, as taxpayers, we all pay for these projects.

The nice thing about Florida is all the recreational trails are paved. That makes biking so much more enjoyable for most people. I’ve not looked at that many other states, but some I’ve researched do not pave their trails. So I’m glad I live where I do.

Important Alert: If you are new to biking on paved trails, be aware that not all trails go through safe areas. Please do a little research beforehand. Google to find info before your visit. Other good resources are peoples blogs over regular websites. Also if you are a member on photo sites (I’m on Flickr) ask questions to people who are posting photos of specific trails. I also get lots of info on bicycle forums and YouTube videos. Taking the time to plan should make your excursions more enjoyable, relaxing, and safer. Good luck.

Having detailed information and taking the time to plan trips to Florida Paved Trails, will help make your excursions easier and more enjoyable. Please be aware many trailheads (parking areas) can be difficult to locate. I found this out on my first excursion out of town. It was by accident that I located where I needed to be to start my ride. Another trick I use is Google maps. By pulling in tight on addresses of trailheads, you can easily follow where the trails go. County Parks and Florida State Parks almost always have access points. Plus parking at these locations are safer than remote trailhead areas.

A fantastic visit to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail on 9-8-11. Here I am at the overpass bridge in Citrus ParkIn mid 2011 I developed a simple bicycle handlebar mount that a camera/camcorder can be easily attached to document my excursions on paved trails. It’s called the Trail View Mount. And it has worked well with all my excursions. Easy to install, it is a simple and affordable product. All the videos on this website used the mount. The Trail View Mount is great for all type riders, but probably geared toward family, recreation, and paved trail riders. Also think of the added security feature this product can bring to people who ride in remote places. That’s real peace of mind. Don’t let your biking adventures stop. Relive them over and over, year after year, with the help of the Trail View Mount. It is available on the ‘buy products’ link. Don’t let your adventures and memories fade away after they are over.

After surgery in August 2013 and longer than expected healing, I lost the time I was supposed to visit at least two new paved trails. But with a new year, I have nothing holding me back. I have two trips planned as soon as the weather gets better. First the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail, and second the Tallahassee-St Marks Trail. Having these two trails added to this website will be really special. I hope you can add the site to your favorites and check back often. I hope everyone is able to visit a lot of Florida Paved Trails this year. Stay safe.

Thank you for visiting Florida Paved Trails Dot Com. I hope you find this website helpful and informative. More trails, photos, and reviews are always being added, so hopefully you can register here or add to your favorites. Stay safe on the trails and enjoy.

About Charles Rinehart

I'm a 57 year old photographer, videographer, and small entrepreneur in Sarasota Florida. My real passion is bicycling Florida Paved Trails which is why I developed this website. I promote this activity on many places online with my photos and videos. I also am fortunate to be the creator/designer of the Trail View Mount and original bicycle logo products. This is a simple bicycle handlebar mount that a camera/camcorder can be attached to. Documenting excursions and creating memories is what the Trail View Mount is about. Also I am always adding new trails here as often as possible, so please register or add the site to your favorites. Hope you can tell your friends about 'Florida Paved Trails' website. Thank you for stopping by here.
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13 Responses to HOME

  1. John says:

    You left a comment on my website so I checked your site out. Great product, which, might add another dimension to trail reviews!

  2. trailsnet says:

    Those are great shots of the trestles/bridges. Parts of that trail remind me of the Tammany Trace in Louisiana.

  3. John says:

    Hello again Charles,

    Thank you for visiting my site today. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added a link to your website that will remain static as users navigate around my site. I hope it generates some traffic to your site as well.

    Cheers ~ Happy Trails ~ John

  4. Jim says:

    I just discovered your site and wanted to say thanks for all the information and videos. If you ever want someone to tag along on one of the trails or other rides we are just north of you in Bradenton please give us a shout.

  5. Jim thanks for stopping by here. Yes I would enjoy getting together for a ride on the Legacy Trail. Take care and talk soon.

  6. gurdonark says:

    I share your interest in paved trail bicycling. When I saw your trail view mount, I knew I had to try it, because it looked like a good alternative to the expensive cameras now being sold for use in travel biking videos.

    I found the mount extremely easy to install without the need for tools. It fit my bicycle
    easily. I was able to use the video function on my point and shoot to get better quality videos than I was able to get on my bike prior to getting your product. Perhaps I could have built my own mount, but it was much easier to get yours at a low cost and not have to figure out the DIY. It’s a good product, simple and easy, which I will recommend to others.

  7. Glad the mount worked well and that you like it Robert. I really appreciate your purchase and the kind words. Look forward to seeing more videos from you soon. All the best.

  8. bob and amy says:

    Hi Everyone. We met Charles on the Legacy Trail. Simply made a comment to him about how (very) nice the bicycle trail was. We were vacationing from very cold Ohio. We also have some paved trails for bikes, but nothing quite like the Legacy. Super wide, smooth and scenic. We spent two days riding and sight seeing (from) the trail. We really enjoyed ourselves. All the folks that made that trail happen should be proud and applauded. And the folks that get to use such a great trail~~please count your blessings. Imagine our surprise to see a pic of us on Charles’ website! WooHoo we’re Famous!! So Charles, thanks for chatting with us. Thanks for making us famous too (wink). We will definitely be doing some more riding in Florida next trip down. (Looking forward to getting the goodies we ordered). :~))

    • Bob thank you for your nice comment. Sorry I’m late responding. Even though our chat was brief on the bridge, it was very nice meeting you and your wife. You all were definitely super nice people. My friend is very shy with meeting people, so I try my best not to leave her hanging out alone very long. Anyway hope you didn’t mind I took a few photos of you. You all looked fantastic. Just excellent photo-ops. Anyway thank you again for your purchase of the bike hat and shirt. I really appreciate it. If you ever get back down to Sarasota let me know. Would love to met you for a short ride on the Legacy Trail. floridapavedtrails@outlook.com All the best in 2014.

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